Tips To Finding The Right Stain For Your Wood Fence

Once we own that property, we want to maintain it and improve the look and value of your home. That includes fencing. From new fences being installed to upkeep and maintenance, fencing can bring value and a unique look to your land. When it comes to fence staining Atlanta, GA, you will want to consider these tips before you buy. 

What is the look I am going for?

Some people picture the white picket fence, while others are looking for a more rustic look. You will need to consider exactly what you want the fence and your home to look like. Do you want privacy or do you want a more inviting feel? Do you want suburbia or do you want the farm to look? Knowing this is the starting place to deciding the right stain.

What is the wood grain?

Certain stains work better in some woods, but not on others. When you're looking for staining fences Atlanta, GA, you will need to consider the wood grain of the fence. Is the fence a hard or soft wood? Does it soak up stain easily? These are all factors that need to be considered when looking for stain. 

You may want to ask the professionals when it comes to fence staining Atlanta, GA. Their working knowledge of woods and staining will guide you to selecting a stain that will work with the wood of your fence.

What is the color of the wood?

You need to consider the color of the wood before you stain. You can't take a dark wood like walnut and make it oak colored. It just won't turn out right. Consider the woods natural color, or if it already stained, then the stain you have now. Look at it. Is it light, is it dark? Do you want to match the natural color? All of this is important in selecting a stain.

What properties does the stain have?

All stains are not created equal. You will need to know what properties you want the stain to have. Do you want to waterproof? How about sealant? Easy clean? Stains can have a wide variety of properties. It is always best to figure out what properties you desire and then find one that matches those.

Is it affordable?

As with everything, the cost comes into play somewhere along the line and staining is no different. You will need to figure out a budget of what you can reasonably spend without making it harder on yourself. Check out the prices of each stain that you are considering. How much will it take to finish the job? Does it fit in with what you can spend? What are the labor costs? All of this will affect your final stain selection.

Improving the look and quality of our homes is something we all aspire to. When it comes to fence staining Atlanta, GA, answering these questions will guarantee that you have the stain that is right for you. Fence Company