Roof Repair Tips

If you suspect or have climbed the roof and see water stains extending across the ceiling or running down walls; you are right to assume that there is a leak in your roof.

Unfortunately; tracking down the leak is the hardest part. The roof repair part is the easiest. But be worried not; it’s easy to go online and visit websites that will help you find the leaky parts. Alternatively; you can follow the below mentioned simple tricks to finding leaks on your roof:

Minor leaks in the roof cause the most damage. If you know that you have a leaky roof; you are better off fixing the leak immediately. Failure to do so, will over time see the small leaks evolving into bigger problems.

Click here to see the kind of damage that small leaks can eventually cause is left unattended. Some of the significant damages you should expect to suffer from when you neglect a leak include:

  • • Rotten framing and sheathing
  • • Mold
  • • Damaged ceilings
  • • Destroyed insulation

Flashing Leak

Flashing leak resulting from neglected small roof leaks; is an expensive roof repair undertaking. To avoid spending more money than you need to; deal with small roof leaks when they are still minimal and save your money.

How Do You Track A Leak?

Start by looking at the roof uphill following the stains on the wall. Try and see if you can spot any roof penetrations. Roof experts always advice that items that penetrate the roof are the biggest and most common source of leaks.

Visit this website to get more tips about spotting roof leaks. Penetrations can include things such as:

  • • Dormers
  • • Chimneys
  • • Plumbing and roof vents

And anything else that projects through the roof. If there is an attic access in your home; the easiest way to find a leak is by going up the attic with a flashlight. You will most certainly find water stains, mold or black marks.

The above are simple ways of detecting roof leaks; to know how to undertake roof repairs click here and access the simplest and cheapest methods.